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Ever wondered, the truth in the following topic: "Web design vs Web Development"? At one point or another this debate has crossed minds, but not any ordinary minds. Minds of Geniuses with little time on their hands. So yeagh, what really are the standard Web Design Prices? Is there really such a thing as web design hourly rate, a standard rule to measure genius, creativity, art, the current Da Vincis painting their own Monallisas' though not with a paint brush and wax but rather with a mouse, keyboard? These are web design basics, the obvious tools that you cannot do without.

With all these developments in technology, web design ideas, web design trends and web design online is becoming outdated we can't help but wonder, will web design packages be left behind in the great migration, websites have since left the desk, we now carry them on all sorts of gadgets: mobile devices and other devices.

We are anticipating taking the web design awards, someday very soon! With an evolution by which designers send web design quotes, web design proposal and web design layouts to their clients, a change in wed design presentation at boardrooms? A little extra in the ordinary... Online web design has brought change and ease to web design studio. Web design and markerting, web design languages, web design and hosting, web design requirements, web design elements, web design questionaire, the web design encyclopedia of evolution.

Web design meaning... is there such a thing? We believe if there is anything coming close then it would definitely vary from one web designer to the next, each web design description is not identical to the next. Web design resources, web design inspiration, web design application, web design grid system, there are so many ways to arrive at the destination. Web design 3d... is it a possiblity? Well there are no limits to the web design wikipedia, web design vector, web design online free, do you get where I am going with this? Impossible is a word from the previous century.

Web design examples 2020, online web searches help clients find us much quicker but do wed design companies know where to find web design clients? Web design nearby, web design yoeville, web design or website design, how web design works, web design hd images, web design 2020, so many web resources and so many avenues to take. If you own a company without a website then you have to do research on why web design is important for business.

EBrand Studio offers a different strain of web design packages South Africa. Web design Gauteng will never be the same again.


To continuously keep our clients ahead of the rest of the business market in terms of marketing and design visual appearance.
To create phenominal brands of distinguished calibre and style.


To grow as a unique company, having the brand name known at single mention.
To create job opportunities and train all employees to be of our desired calibre.


Quality Production


EBrand Studio is the studio to visit when you are in need of branding. Branding is a special service offered to clients, we certainly pull out all the stops to ensure that your brand is launched at its full potential. The branding definition is at a different level at EBrand Studio. We have the right branding strategies something that most branding companies do  not fully grasp. Branding is more than just print and basic design, true branding companies understand that the brand is the breath of life to a clients idea or dream. The true branding meaning is a continuous stream that does not  unintentionally alter its course or direction. A brand is mearnt to be as reliable as water is to flow to lower ground or as certain that gravity pulls everything with weight down.

Branding quotes do not mean that a designer has the slightest notion where a client is going with their branding ideas, branding companies near me alter and inflate the dream, adding structure and direction. Branding is about consistency in creativity. Branding is limitless, especially at EBrand Studio, we are the true branding machine. Not to boast but our branding services are on a different level and this is not where we are going to settle. We practice our branding services and branding strategies on our own brand, we will never stop climbing up and higher. You can join us in our quest to conquer the brand management and branding services out there. 










We offer our clients a wide range of branding solutions, for all purposes.


All types of 3D signs, Vista signs, Directional Signs... Dawu's creative offers you signage design best suited for your brand's public image. We strive to build your image.


We create modern and classic graphic designs for all forms of branding for your business. Also we supply and print all corporate items, ie t-shirts, uniforms, PPE, banners and flags, corporate gifts such as pens, squeese bottles, and many more products.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


We brand all types of vehicles. Our wraps can be either Partial, Full cover or vinyl cut outs. Whichever type you select we deliver quality guarantee vehicle branding.


We create modern and classic graphic designs for all forms of branding for your business. Also we supply and print all corporate items, ie t-shirts, uniforms, PPE, banners and flags, corporate gifts such as pens, squeese bottles, and many more products.


 1.  Determine your brand’s target audience.
 2. Establish a brand mission statement.
 3. Research brands within your industry niche.
 4. Outline the key qualities and benefits your brand offers.
 5. Create a brand logo and tagline.
 6.  Form your brand voice.
 7.  Build a brand message and elevator pitch.
 8. Let your brand personality shine.
 9.  Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business.
10. Stay true to your brand building.
11.  Be your brand’s biggest advocate.
12. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about building brands

Further Ellaboration

Some areas that usually require further explanation regarding our administrative structure.

All jobs commence after a deposit has been paid into our company account (all bank transfares are to be advised to our office with proof of payment attached) or payments to be made directly at our office or EBrand Studio Approved Vouchers. 

Lead time can be advised after Job Card processing. All Job Cards are processed after full or deposit payment.

All job specifications are to be fully stated and outlined on the Electronic Job Card sent between our sales team and the client by the client. Any specifications requested after 3hrs after we have the received the Job card are to be charged additionally at normal rates. Any specification that our office is informed off after we have processed the job card is regarded as addition work.

In addition to Job Payments rearding Job Commencement, all jobs are to begin after client approval with a signed document, provided by EBrand Studio showing that the client read and understood all EBrand Studio Terms & Conditions.


Spread Your BRAND NAME like wild fire on the net. EBrand Studio helps you hit all the right communication bases to increase Your Brand Recognition. Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room, it is what people "Dicide you to be, rather than what you tell them.

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