EBrand Studio manages exclusive events, covering entertainment, sound systems, lighting, themes, story lines and meals. We go the axtra mile to ensure that you make the best impression on your visitors. Working to  ensuring that everyone who attends is left in awe and wonder. 

If you are looking to mesmerise your guests and audience, in search of hitech presentation solutions, then you have come to right people. We scout the most suitable venues that match the theme of the event. Crafting epic moments that chime with bells through eternity in our minds. We are what our memories keep playing back, we help you paint the moment.

Our Event Management team has nearly two decades of experience in the field of Event Management. Our main services include:

Décor and Flower Arrangements - So, when it comes to flowers and decorations you can rest we can source you various types of flowers. We have partnered with the biggest flower companies that we have maintained relations with for the purpose of the wide variety of flowers they have in their gardens ;-)

• Furniture Hiring - EBrand Studio's Event Management team will cover every corner and nook you may need us to cover on your behalf, you will feel like the event was a perfect dream that you do not want to awake from. We are the best Event Management Company in Johannesburg and we take pride in our flawless record thus far.

• Event Infrastructure - Where there is a need, we have 3D architectural and graphic designers who are able to represent a setting of the venue on 3D with animated simulations to make sure all the clients detailed requirement ahead of the scheduled event date. We strive to create the best Events our clients enjoy, there is no better form of payment as that of a fully satisfied client.

• Catering - We have a professional catering team who focus only on the catering (Meals and Snacks), serving entertaining food and snacks to keeping the audience mesmerized. There is no better way of entertainment by serving entertaining meals.

• Bar Service - Where Bar service is required for an Event, we will handle everything for our client in full responsibility. We work with the client about every detail, making certain etra efforts as an Event Management Company. Bar service is one of the audiences' favourite area, "Drink and be merry" as was written somewhere ;-).

• Event Service Staff - When you choose EBrand Studio as your Event Management copmany, you can relax about so many things and focus on looking pretty on the day of the event. We have Event Service Staff teams that have worked at the highest corporate levels to the happiest of children's birthday partners.

• Event Planning and Event Designing - This is the part of Event Management where we sit in with the cilent so we are able to create the best Event Theme and make sure we do everything in our planning to make certain the client is happy with us at the end of the project. As an Event Management Company in Johannesburg, we strive to make your dream come true on the day of the Event, let us do all the worrying and racing on your behalf.
• Technical Hiring and Support - For the rest of the entertainment, we are in a position to hire our our PA systems to the clients as well as organize the best musik theme right through the Event duration. 

• Furniture Hiring - EBrand Studio's Event Management team will cover every corner and nook you may need us to cover on your behalf, you will feel like the event was a perfect dream that you do not want to awake from. We are the best Event Management Company in Johannesburg and we take pride in our flawless record thus far.

• Transport - Where transportation from point A to point B, our Event Management clients have the option of hiring transportation vehicles from us. All we have to know is the type of vehicles the client prefers. We will quote the client for the transportation services. Are we the best Event Management Company in Johannesburg or not, with all these services managed and monitored under one roof. 

• Accommodation - Since we are looking to stand out from all the other Event Management Companies, we will not stop at simply covering transportation services as extra Event Management Services. We go out the way to make sure that the client is happily accommodated where the event is far from central places.

Types of EVENTS




Family Events


Social Events


Seminars / Conferences


Corporate Events

Exhibition Event Management

All Exhibition events are developed, and manufactured under tight supervision. We have partnered with global giants in the persuit of efficiency. So, when you are about Exhibition Stand Shopping, get in touch with EBrand Studio, we have all sorts of 3D Exhibition Stand Designs ready for your selection and manufacture. Exhibitions are the best corporate gatherings where various companies mingle and link creating business connection and possible business links. As an Event Management company, Exhibition Stands managed by EBrand Studio Stand out from the rest of the ordinary event management companies. We have planned and designed nearly 400 3D Exhibition Stands to date. Everything always goes according to plan with us as your Event Management Team.

Corporate Event Management

For all your corporate events: Award Ceremonies, Loyalty Events, Executive Events, Training Events, Long Service Parties, Product Launches, Training Workshops. EBrand Studio has your back, once you have us in your corner, you can rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are one of the best Event Managenment Companies in Johannesburg. Your corporate events are in the best corporate event management team. We make sure that every part of the event is setup to professional event management standards. EBrand Studio is the best Event Management Company to engage for all your corporate events line ups.

Family Event Management

Inclusive of Birthday Parties, Weddings, Family Gatherings, School Reunions, Christenings, Baby Showers, personal Dinners. EBrand Studio Event Management will make sure you have the experience of a lifetime in our hands. We are an Events management created to cover the latest trends in one event making sure the event is more than just a simple success. We have managed events of upto 300 family guests. Trusting us to manage your family event you are definitely in the right place. 

Social Events

School Get togethers, high teas, holidays, community parties, Fundraisers

Seminars / Conferences

Church Seminars, Community Conferences, Content Area seminar,  Faculty seminars, School-Wide seminar

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