In this generation where the marketing and advetising world has completely evolved, one has to but decide whether they want to remain in the ordinary branding pool or evolve and transform their brand into the adaptable parameters of the mordern day style. Hi-tech change. Print Finishing is an umbrella term used to reference multiple print finishing methods. It is important to know the various types of print finishing methods that work on various print products, some types of printing products do not blend with certain types of print finishing methods. 

There are various print finishing options for documents and books, depending on thickness of the complete printed products. The types of covers (thickness and material used on covers) also play a role in the selection of a print finishing method for the print product in question.

Spot UV Vanishing,

This is a process of print finishing that involves the addition of coating layers on print to ensure they become more durable and degrade at a slower rate compared to prints without UV Vanishing. We understand how some documents and products need to withstand the test of time before any changes can be seen on the final product. 

Document Binding

Tha manner by which a document is binded depends on the quantity of pages, design style of the document and the purpose of the document. EBrand Studio offers you the oppotunity to customise your document binding to suit your purpose and economically too. 

Cover Styles

These range from beautifying covers to all purpose ecenomic covers. Cover designs are important because they are the first interface a book/document user sees. EBrand Studio offers a wide range of cover types. Our sales team is on stand-by to assist you. 

Dye Cutting

Dye Cutting is normally used for special  customised covers or product packaging. We understand that appearance is everything in a dog eat dog branding environment. We strive to execute our clients vision about their products. Once dye cutting is involved, uniqueness has the oppotunty to follow suite if vision execution is done well. EBrand Studio staff always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients stand out from the rest of their competitors. 


Embossing and debossing has been around for quite  a long period of time but have just recently been used to their full creative potential. EBrand Studio staff are able to apply these techniques in mordern retro classic styles. We are a creativity house whose members are always working to come up with New Branding Styles. You can never go wrong by involving EBrand Studio in the revamping of your print finishing styles. 


Lamination is among the oldest methods used for document protection and durability. There are two variables, these are gloss an matt laminating. Depending on the final document design, both are quite attractive. 



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